Minecraft Skin Creator

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Minecraft Skin Creator
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The original name of the game Skincraft A Minecraft Skin Editor, but in the simplicity just a game Skinning editor Minecraft. Probably in our time, it's hard to find a person who does not know about this online wanderer of a square man. In literal translation, this sounds like a "miner's craft", since the primary task of the character is to dig and extract resources for life. The main elements here are food, tools that can be crafted, structures that save from enemies, wood and stones. To get them you need to work hard; there are no excesses, everything is limited and needs to be saved. The world of the Minecraft consists of cubes, which are used everywhere, from clothing to light fixtures. In the game, the skinhead editor can give us the opportunity to choose an excellent outfit for the character, as well as to develop new models of the main characters. That is, we have a dress-up in the style of Minecraft. Control is carried out on the mouse, so play and enjoy.


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